Since 1888, Julbo has been creating innovative eyewear for mountain performance sports. From the most extreme environments to everyday life, Julbo is dedicated to providing the most functional eye protection, no matter the weather.

Protection for Deep Pow

See clearly and stay protected in all conditions that Mother Nature will throw at you this winter. New goggles and a new helmet will keep you safe and keep the stoke high all season long.

Ultimate Protection for Extreme Environments

Take on all the elements face first with Julbo’s technical mountaineering glasses. Maximum shielding and protection from sun, wind, and snow matched with uncompromised ventilation to avoid fogging. Reach the highest summits and explore the harshest environments.

Julbo presents REACTIV, its proprietary photochromic lens technology. Designed for the days when you start and end in the dark, the weather is constantly changing, and there’s no way to plan ahead. With the widest photochromic range and fastest photochromic reaction time on the market, long gone are the days of changing lenses and carrying multiple glasses. One lens, no matter the weather. Available in sunglasses and goggles.

JULBO, From the Mountains of Jura to the World