Started by a Couple of Skiers Who Imagined Better Gear for the Mountains

Habitat Collection

For life in the mountains, you need durability and versatility. Flylow’s Habitat collection will have you well outfitted for a backyard barbecue or a trek through the woods.

Trail Collection

Some call it Type 2 fun. It’s those experiences that feel tough and involve a fair amount of suffering in the moment, but that you’ll look back on as a grand ol’ time. Bike, hike, or run, however you get after it on the trail, Flylow has you covered.

Water Collection

When the days stretch long, there’s more time to do it all. Jump in a high-alpine lake, fish for trout in a scenic river, paddle from one island to the next, or surf endless waves behind a boat. And that’s just a Tuesday in July. Come summer, you need clothes that can not only get wet but will dry quickly, breathe when temps soar, and stretch and move with you as you bounce from one water-bound activity to the next.