In 1981 celebrated climbing innovator and adventurer Rab Carrington set up the equipment company that bears his name today. His goal was simple: to make an honest, rugged climbing kit that could perform at the highest level.

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Khroma Ski

From our birthplace in the Scottish Highlands to our playground in the mountains of the world, we thrive in the worst that mother nature can dish out. Our Khroma mission is to create mountain systems to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. Years of skill, experience and knowledge in making mountain clothing that performs in all conditions gives us the expertise to make ski appropriate apparel. For Rab, it's not about lifts and groomers, it’s as much about the Up as the Down! Our sweet spot is where ascent meets ski.

Khroma Freeride & Khroma Tour

Microlight Recycled

This season, we’re proud to be using GRS-certified P.U.R.E.® recycled down in our Microlight range.

Using recycled down is a sustainable alternative to virgin down and helps reduce our environmental impact. It means that we don’t need to use new raw materials and it also helps remove unnecessary waste from landfill.