Who is Big Agnes? At our core, we want to inspire you to get outside and find the same appreciation for the backcountry we have. We test product in these mountains and make gear that you can trust when you’re out there.

Flex Pad Sleeve System Sleeping Bags

Our Big Agnes System bags are designed to keep your bag and pad connected to provide a secure foundation that keeps you on your pad all night. Just like your bedsheet at home, slip your pad into the four corners of the pad sleeve to secure your sleep system. The highly packable and lightweight Big Agnes Flex Pad Sleeve secures your bag and pad together so you stay on your pad all night. The simple stretch construction goes on and off with little effort and accommodates 20” and 25” wide pads. Climb in, cozy up, and sleep like a boss.


Iconic tents that have stood the test of time, rain, wind, and dirt. When designing our award-winning tents, we focus on maximizing space and comfort with the least weight possible for the intended use. All Big Agnes tents feature easy and intuitive set up and have been designed with maximum durability in mind. We have many options to choose from based upon your desired target weight, backpack size, occupancy needs, price and intended activity.

Camp Furniture

We sleep in the dirt, but try to avoid sitting in it. We like to think we know something about camp comfort. We’re somewhat obsessed with how to make gear comfortable and still maintain high quality, lightweight properties with technical design and materials. Camp furniture is no exception. You’ll find a lot of similarities to our camping gear; simple and intuitive setup, thoughtful, innovative design, and comfort to the highest degree.

Big Agnes Gear Reviews

Expert gear reviews by Outdoor Prolink pros

We started Big Agnes almost twenty years ago without a real plan but with a pretty good idea: to make the best gear possible to help folks like you get outside and chase your dreams. Get to know us a little better.