Primus has powered expeditions and fueled pioneers since 1892. Engineered in Sweden with an emphasis on technology and sustainability, results in reliable gear that serves as life-long companions on any adventure.

Feeding Campsite Crowds

Our Campsite range of stoves and cooking accessories are designed with campground adventures in mind. From a woodland forage to beachside BBQ, these are products that bring culinary delight to the great outdoors. These stoves are light enough to carry in one hand, compact enough to fit in a kayak, yet are still big enough to feed family and friends.

Backpacking Travel

Engineered for adventurers with a bit more of an ambitious backcountry goal. Our fuel-efficient Backpacking Range ensures fresh-brewed coffee and hot meals however long your trail is. Our Backpacking Stoves are not just low in fuel consumption and high in heat efficiency, they are also small and light in your backpack.

Hydrated & Caffeinated

Hot or cold, a beverage is the right way to start, maintain, and end your day. Our collection of vacuum bottles, Water bottles, mugs, and pints keep your morning coffee hot and your nightcap chilled.

Gear Reviews

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