Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outdoor Prolink?
Outdoor Prolink is pro-purchase program for qualified outdoor industry professionals like guides, outdoor educators, ski patrollers, mountain rescue and more. Outdoor Prolink connects outdoor professionals with 35% - 45% off retail on 90+ top outdoor gear brands, simply because outdoor pros influence the gear choices of their clients and community. If you are an outdoor professional, apply today!

Why do I get these incredible discounts?
Outdoor Industry professionals use and abuse outdoor gear every day for their jobs, so it’s natural that their clients and community defer to them for gear recommendations. It is worth it for our manufacturers to offer a significant discount to these influencers.

Which companies are involved?
We currently have 90+ brands involved, view them under Manufacturers.

How do I join Outdoor Prolink?
Click on the 'Register Today' link on the top right of the home page. From there, simply fill out all the required fields and click 'Submit.' Don’t forget your supporting information!

What do you accept as supporting material?

  • A recent pay stub from your employer (feel free to cross out the amount)
  • A letter from your employer (on company letterhead or company email) stating that you are a current full-time employee.
  • Copy of your AMGA membership (Individual Members and above are eligible)
  • Copy of your PSIA or NSP certification
  • Copy of your ATTA membership
Applications are handled on an individual basis, so if you are having trouble coming up with any of the above, please contact us at to explain your situation.

How long is my account valid?
Your account is valid for 15 months. You always have the opportunity to renew your account if you are still working in the industry.

How does Outdoor Prolink approve a person for a discount?
Our membership team reviews every application individually and then approves or denies the application using the approval criteria given to us by each manufacturer. Since your access is determined by what you do in the industry, you might have access to one manufacturer but not another. For example, a canoe outfitter may not qualify for discounts on avalanche transceivers, and a whitewater guide may qualify for dry bags but not mountaineering boots. If you are a whitewater guide in the summer and a mountain guide in the fall, though, you'd qualify for both. All of our decisions are based on what the manufacturers tell us, not our own personal evaluation of your résumé.

Can I order equipment for my friends and family?
No. You get these great deals because of your influence in the industry, so this program is for you only (not your girlfriend, buddy or climbing partner). If we suspect that you have ordered gear for anyone other than yourself, we reserve the right to suspend your account or permanently ban you from the site. Pro deal abuse is a serious issue and we have taken many measures to avoid it on Outdoor Prolink. Please respect the brands that are offering you these deals by keeping your pro deal to yourself.

Our company wants to set up a group account, what should we do?
Outdoor Prolink offers individual accounts that are verified by the employer.  We do not offer group accounts, but we do offer a simple solution to help your staff apply with ease.  For simplicity's sake, companies can send a roster of all their employee's names and emails to our membership team at Once we receive your roster, we will send out sign-up instructions to everyone on the roster with a special code that will count as verification for your staff members.

Can I order equipment for my company?
We are able to place organizational orders with some brands, but first you need to send us an email at with your request including the product manufacturer, item(s) name, and quantity of the item(s) you want to order.  We will then make sure the manufacturer is willing and able to fill the order. Otherwise, members can only order the amount of gear considered reasonable for a single person in a specified time period.

I used to be a guide, but now I have a 'real job', will I qualify?
Outdoor Prolink is for paid outdoor professionals, not outdoor enthusiasts. We understand that many people are passionate about their outdoor activities, and have considerable influence on their friend’s purchases, even if they are not working as an outdoor professional. However, because of the restrictions placed on the program by our manufacturers, these people will not be permitted into the program.

How are your shipping costs calculated?
All orders are dropped shipped directly from our manufacturer partners. The shipping costs that we pass on to our customers are a direct reflection of the shipping fees charged to us by the manufacturers we represent. Shipping is not part of our profit margin. We will do all we can to keep this number as low as possible (especially on orders with multiple items from the same manufacturer). Shipping costs are subject to change on large orders after the order is submitted.

Do you take returns?
Part of the trade off for these amazing deals is that we can't take returns on pro orders, sorry! All sales are final, please order carefully. However, if a product is damaged and does not operate, the manufacturer will comply with their warranty. If you think you have a warranty issue, please contact customer service

Help! My order is lost or is being returned to sender.

If your order is lost and you are sure the address on your order is correct, please contact customer service ASAP so that we may file a claim. If you wait more than 30 days to reach out about a lost order, it may not be covered.

Because this is pro deal, if your order is lost or being returned to sender because you entered an incorrect address or were not there to receive your package, you are responsible for any additional shipping fees. In some cases, the brands may treat this as a return and credit you for the product less the shipping fee (and then you can re-order). Please carefully track your package to ensure it is delivered properly. We are not responsible for replacing items that are delivered correctly to the address on your order.

If your order is returned due to a mistake by the manufacturer, or if you have any questions about a lost or incorrectly delivered order, please contact customer service.